Email Deliverability Audit



Email Deliverability Audit

If you are seeing email deliverability issues in your email marketing campaigns and need some guidance – we can help you. Our deliverability audit covers all aspects of your emailing (infrastructure, content, practices etc) and delivers a detailed guide which highlight all grey areas, gives recommendations and next steps.


* Inbox Placement Review with Seed List Testing
* IP and Domain/Sub-Domain Reputation Review
* Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) Review
* Content Review
* Service Provider Setup Review
* Data Management Review – Unsubscribe, Feedback Loops, Bounce Handling
* Review of your campaign management practices
Deliverable:  Detailed Audit Report PDF with details of all above reviews, recommendations and next steps. 
Up to 2 hours on-call consultation explaining the report and how you can improve on the highlighted grey areas.


Requirements to conduct audit

1. Initial requirement gathering call where we would like to understand your platform and issues you face.
2. Access to your email platform to send out few emails to conduct audit.
3. Copy of templates you used in few of your recent campaigns.

Estimated delivery time

About 5 working days
This is a very rough estimate, actual time may vary.