Mailwizz Setup



MailWizz EMA is a simple to use, efficient and full-featured email marketing application with an impressive features set. With MailWizz not only that you will be able to properly handle email marketing for your own purposes but you can also become an Email Service Provider for your customers, since MailWizz integrates easily with payment gateways like Paypal and it offers all the needed tools to create pricing plans, promotional codes and to manage orders and transactions created by your customers.

This service includes following deliverables :

1. Setup your new VPS from scratch and optimise it for MailWizz usage specifically.
2. Install the web server - APACHE or NGINX 
3. Install PHP (>= 7.2) together with most used PHP extensions.
4. Install a database server - We will use either MySQL or MariaDB
5. Install all the addons you have selected
6. Install MailWizz in the new VPS and do basic configuration (i.e: add cron jobs and enable clean urls)

Once we complete the service for you, we will provide you all the info you need and you can just start using MailWizz in your new VPS.
The service is offered as described above, no custom or additional work will be accepted.


Mailwizz VPS Requirements :

1. A new VPS where we will install this service. The VPS must run CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 16.04 as the operating system. If you don't have a VPS yet, buy one from ScalaHosting / OvhContaboLinode / DigitalOcean.
2. SSH access as sudo or root to your new and empty VPS.
3. A valid MailWizz license key which you have purchased from Envato. If you use this license for any other MailWizz instance, you will need a new license. Here's how to get your license.
4. Your first name, last name, and email address which we will use during application install.
5. The domain name (i.e: or subdomain name (i.e: under which we will install MailWizz. Make sure this (sub)domain points to your VPS IP address (i.e: add proper DNS records). This has to be your domain name, bought by you.

If you don't know how to create a VPS at the VPS provider, you can provide us with the login to the provider and we can create it for you. You need the "Create VPS at provider" addon though.

Estimated delivery time

2 Working Days
This is a very rough estimate, actual time may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of installation we would integrate Mailwizz with one service provider. You would have to give us working SMTP or API information from your provider. In case you need us to configure your domain (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) with your provider, please purchase the addon for that.
No, installation does not cover any training. You can purchase training addon to get a 30 mins session with us.

Available addons

  • Create VPS at your provider(+ $7.00)
  • Create free Letsencrypt SSL certificates(+ $7.00)
  • Configure domain with provider like Sendgrid, SendinBlue or Mailgun(+ $7.00)
  • 30 mins Mailwizz usage training session(+ $10.00)